Invoice please...

Are you tired of being stalked by the BSA regarding your pirated debian operating system? Do you often peer out your window blinds with anticipation of seeing a late model Ford Van equipped with a radar antenna , decorated with a fictious extermination company logo? Do you want to finally be legit and not feel like you are glowing of criminal activity at your LUG meetings? If your legs bent the other way, what would a chair look like?

Well never fear... print the below Certificate of Authenticity and include it with your apt-get logs.

Now that your 100% legal, please take a minute and report yourself to the BSA! Come on it will be fun...

Click the link below and follow the prompts...


An exerpt from the BSA's Mission Statement...

"...As the "voice" of the software industry, we help governments and consumers understand how software strengthens the economy, worker productivity and global development; and how its further expansion hinges on the successful fight against software and Internet theft. "

Coffee induced mental regurgitation...

Ok. Are you sure you're all not just a big legal machine, consisting of lawyers and proprietary software clients who make regional sweeps to ensure proper reminbursement for technologies that may have been spawned from learning institutions that I have already paid for anyway in one form or another?


Are you rearing the ugly head of software companies that are completely driven by their marketing department?


Do you embrace the idea that I can actually buy the license for something intangible and not be able to take it apart to see how it runs, nor modify it to suit my needs?


Hey! Are you sure software pirating isn't worked into their marketing campaign?

Either way.

I support your venture, Mr. BSA. But don't stop at big business. Start hitting the rural community libraries and schools, and end-users that pushed the business in the first place. Bust End-Users in their house who fuel the hype just by running proprietary software illegally. You see, the more you do this the more you will drive the point. Am I rambling? Is this GNU coffee just a little bit too kick ass for you right now? Let me blather some more... picking randomly on Microsoft.

So back in the early eighties, DOS was getting pirated left and right. Hey dood, got "Plus Enhanced Tools yet?" Those criminals grew up to sign million dollar roll outs for Windows 2000... ahhhh... you see? Your marketing scheme worked! Let them pirate, multiply, and spread the Microsoft word...criminally. Now lets get back to that, GNU style.

Scenario: Small library in upstate Maine gets popped for having proper licensure on 4 public machines running NT, but was short on CAL and accidently loaded Excel on the NT Server Box...making them out of compliance for four excel licenses. Enter BSA, clean house, throw librarian in prison, and close down the library (lets burn the books for added effect as well). Re-open library, Apt-get install free software. Kids start doodling pictures like this while their not paying attention during their reading sessions:

Quentin grows up with a pink swirly burned next to the block "computer" in his brain. Knowing it stands for free Information and the computer is a vehicle in which it is (was?) extracted. Quentin also learns how it actually works, and does not let the history of the information age get compiled into .dll's. He also laughs at companies shelling out money for mandantory software upgrades, while channeling that money to "real" system administrators that actually know the software.

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Good lord... im setting myself up for a troll! Thank me for the assist, bitches.