gdancer themes

Hey! They're collectible, customizable, and b-boy crazy to the highest degree...

They're new Gdancer themes, and they are super k-rad oday!

Technical droppings:
To install a theme you must have xmms and have installed GDancer and run it at least once.   Once you download a theme untar it into the ~/.xmms/gdancer_themes/ directory, for more information read the README.themes file that comes with gdancer.
These themes built with the gimp and blender, beaujolias to blender!!!

Model M!


Oh my god its the funky shit! Spin your favorite .ogg and watch this Model M plug-in compliment your crossfade.   Mix this together with VuLED's and you will be cutting the rug to beats while writing device drivers with the cat command.  Plus, cool japanese techno bands use Model M keyboards.

Type hard or go home.

download: mdancer.tar.gz

Clickety Clack!




Nick Moffit's monkey, Rev. Patty Morin's pride. At any rate, its a debian crack smoking monkey and it "pops and locks" to phat tracks as a gdancer plug-in.  This monkey can be found @home or on your favorite mass transportation system in the Bay Area.

download: crackdancer.tar.gz

CrackMonkey -- Non-sequitur arguments and ad-hominem personal attacks.



Yep.  Its Gerry.  Kingpin of the geriatric ravers.  Hes old, and can cut the rug like no other.  Gerry can be found in any rave in a town near you, or at home.

download: gerrydancer.tar.gz

Geriatric Ravers.

Beaujolias Nick!

Its the Electric Bugaloo, Breakin 6 sarring Nick Moffitt. He's a Zork deity, and a bad motor scooter, calling you out to the dance floor. sucka. 


download: beaujoliasnick.tar.gz


This is definitely Emad


download: emad.tar.gz

Vishnu the chef!

"Vishnu the Chef. This picture just . . . appears in the book with no context, and no connection to any other visual styles in the cookbook." --James Lileks.   Vishnu lives here with other bad crazy antics from Lileks. Yep, his foot taps to the bass drop. 


download: vishnudancer.tar.gz


Awww yeah.  Watch that fo dip to the switches while pimpin dem hoes on Pimpwar


download: pimpdancer.tar.gz



!coming soon the Infamous Mr. Bad GDancer Theme!