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You suck, you can't do anything right can you?

You might as well jump off a fucking bridge or something.  I mean, how hard can it possibly be? Type the fucking URL in the little box...its not brainsurgery, a monkey could do it.

If you believe that you are not an idiot, and are determined to find the page at the indicated url, refresh this window 10,000 times.  One of three things could happen.

1. You lose count

2. Someone builds a server within that time period and you        actually get served a page.

3. The server was down, and your continual onslaught of packets to port 80 woke it up.

You can click globe.gif (291 bytes) Search if you know how to operate a fucking mouse.

Dumb ass.

HTTP Error 000 - Idiot behind the keyboard
Internet Explorer

2K model m keyboards kick ass