Vibration or sound notification on your Model M keyboard via LED signals.


An 'ol, "i never paid the bill" worthless pager.  The pagers from the eighties are really oday due to the size of the vibration motor.  Optional:  I am currently investigating the use of the vibration motor from the game Operation, but its a beast and may require an external power source.


Not to waste bandwidth and time, but check this:

diagram.jpg (84473 bytes)


First of all, you gotta take 'ol M apart.  Take the four screws out of the back chassis and seperate the board from the flanking plastic chassis.  Be careful with section (1), thats M's brains for I/O.

Take apart your pager.  I used a Uniden PageMart pager, but most are pretty standard.  Clip the motor and alarm from the board show here in section (3).

Now, your LED panel is shown here in section (2), thats where the wiring will take place.  So lets get a closer look at the backside grind:

led.jpg (26048 bytes)

from left to right, its Scroll Lock, Caps Lock, and then Num Lock (shown here illuminated). I would encourage you to wire in the vibration motor and alarm to the scroll lock, since normal day to day functions really do not require it.  Keep in mind, all that is going on here is that if the key is illuminated, the alarm or vibrator is also activated.


closer yet at the LED panel:

explained.jpg (28097 bytes)

in this diagram you can see where we are going to solder in the positive side of our notification device.  The negative end needs to be grounded to the chassis.


more on this in a bit...

best used as a garnishment these bad crazy utilities...