The Model M Keyboard

How can you tell a Model M keyboard?

Well, frontside will look something like this...

mym.jpg (74252 bytes) can count 101 keys, and no more.


Bad ass model m keyboards come with "quick connect" ports on the rear for plug and chug portability.

coolio.jpg (17803 bytes)

do so note that the absence of this feature does not rule it out as being a Model M.  Later Models, when Lexmark ruined the design, lacked this design but still click and clack in the same "force feedback" mindset of its earlier prototypes.

backside grind:

trademark.jpg (48523 bytes)

yep, every Model M keyboard comes with one of these...

I would like to regard it as a birth certificate for the keyboard itself:

birth.jpg (49331 bytes)

note the birthplace.


and most importantly, if you modelm sounds like this, its definetely an 'M'.