Here are some snippits I have managed to divise on my current madness on learning Ruby. None of which are very complicated, but do the trick in their respective functions. Feel free to use these or laugh at them at will. You can get ruby here,and if you show an interest there are plenty of good folks on #ruby-lang that will help you along your way.

  Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory        28-May-2001 05:41      -  
 decss.rb                28-May-2001 05:14     1k  An example port of Mr. Bad's
rubygem0.jpg (1286 bytes) eleet.rb                28-May-2001 05:14     1k  A port of Joey Hess's eleet filter
rubygem0.jpg (1286 bytes) festivalclient.rb       28-May-2001 05:10     1k  A ruby client for Festival, a speech package.
rubygem0.jpg (1286 bytes) nwallfestival.rb        28-May-2001 05:13     1k  A nwall/client/festival interface for Nick Moffits nwall.
rubygem0.jpg (1286 bytes) pfilter.rb              28-May-2001 05:34     1k  A phonetic filter.

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