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This is a work in progress...

This little 1-5 half stepper can get you LCDProc rocks like socks in a box installed right on your modelm. 

This will obviously not work on a Post Ban Dvorak.

phase1.JPG (37462 bytes) snapon.JPG (37439 bytes) backside.JPG (37858 bytes) lcdinstall.JPG (38154 bytes) almost.JPG (39105 bytes)
begin by locating a spot to put the lcd display.  My display is a 16 X 2 taken out of a IMMAC Lanview Hub.  It utilizes a HD44780 driver.   Anything bigger would be overkill, but I would like a Matrix someday... File it smooth to look like a pro.  I had to "settle" for non centeredness to avoid hitting M's bullet proof shield.  Only use Snap-On tools, because like the keyboard, its made in the USA. Here is the back side grind of the operation.  You may have to loose a "structure support cylinder" on the keyboard to accomadate a comfortable install. yep. straight chassis.  Along the way I have considered on blacking out the chassis, and engraving "Ruby owns me." across the hilt. 'shrug' yeah! clickety-clack baby! Next stop im going to fully integrate the 5V Power supply and the DB-25 connector.  For now, beaujolias!

more pimpage... swap out those LED's for multi-colored or blink crazy emitters.   This little enhancement has oday! effects when using these utilities or in synch with your xmms via the VUled plugin. (warning: this has been known to turn offices into portable discotek's and may inspire the urge to cut the rug while debugging Makefiles.)

ledbegin.JPG (39254 bytes) andromeda.JPG (39717 bytes) ledsolder.JPG (39119 bytes) onetwothree.JPG (39235 bytes)
remember this? cool. now, grab the led block out the modelm and lets solder (safely now) some emmitters to take place, or compliment the green emmitters.  My dream is to be able to afford the ultraviolet led, but unfortunately, I once purchased a Microsoft operating system and have went downhill financially ever since. I decided to go with a blinking red led for my caps lock.  tleds doesn't utilize it and it is useful for promoting the ANGRY feeling of all caps on IRC.  (Warning: if you are suseptible to seizures resulting from pulsating lights please refraing from using this feature.) Solder the new LED's in place.  Do not burn fingers off.  Do not join solder points together, or whatever. Test it. YAY!, then recharge your digital camera so you don't take pictures like the one above. 

moving right along...

always garnish your modelm with Ral Partha Dungeons and Dragons Figurines:

starring from left to right:

succubus (reet chix0r), Carribos (Fighter), Stratos (Thief), and Dio (Dwarf).